Squad & Teammate System V1 [Crew System][Standalone]


Squad & Teammate System V1 [Crew System][Standalone] | FiveM Store
Squad & Teammate System V1 [Crew System][Standalone] $43.00 $38.00

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-UI features:

Adaptive design for varying aspect ratios and resolutions. When a new squad gets created, deleted or when a player joins values will change real-time.
-General features:

The resource consumption for both client and server is 0.00ms.

After joining a squad the client resource consumption will remain 0.00ms.

During join and leave activities, resource consumption will spike to 0.01ms on server side.(this spike is temporary and afterwards it’ll go down)

Maximum allowed player count for a squad can be changed through config.lua.

-Squad features:

Every squad has its own unique icon/logo.

Squads can be made private or public

The menu will change to squad specific menu after joining one or creating.

After rallying the squad a in-game overlay will pop up on top left side of the screen.(Which shows the health, armor, name and the picture of members)

Squad leader can send invites to available players via “/invite [id]” command, these invites will appear on the recipients menu.(Invites will expire after 1 minute)

Squad leader can kick members from squad.

If squad leader leaves the squad, leadership will be given to a random member.

If there’s only one member in the squad and that member leaves, the squad will automatically be disbanded.

Squad members can see each other on the map.

Squad members will see health, armor values and names on top of their squad mates.

Friendly fire is off within the squad.

Players who get dismissed from their squad will immediately lose their status as a squad member, thus removing them from minimap and hiding their health/armor values.

Note: If you use steam_webApiKey, each player’s own steam profile photo will appear in the squad, but if you don’t use steam_webApiKey, every player’s profile photo in the squad will be the same.

Squad & Teammate System V1

Squad & Teammate System V1 [Crew System][Standalone] | FiveM Store
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