Fishing Job V7 [Fishing Simulator]
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Fishing Job V7 [Fishing Simulator]



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Fishing Job V7


Features: – Different Types of Fishing Poles. – Different types of Reels. – Different types of Lines. – Different types of Baits. – Different types of Hooks. – Configure your rod through custom UI, – Place to buy all your fishing equipment. – Will need appropriate equipment for the fish you plan on catching. – Fish anywhere not just the ocean. – Custom Fishing Minigame while fishing. Ability to reel your line in and out as you wish. – Huge Pool of Fish to catch with different depths, strengths and speeds. – Random Events upon catching certain fish. – Place to sell your fish. ( Multiple able to be setup in Config) Configure your own Fishing Equipment, Fish, Sales Locations and Equipment stores or use the huge default selection.


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