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SmartAirbags System


SmartAirbags System
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SmartAirbags System

Full Features:

Automatic Airbag Deployment – These will not deploy on a small crash, the vehicle must be sufficiently damaged to deploy the airbags, in which two will deploy – one for the driver and one for the passenger.
Universal – These will work on almost every vehicle.
Manual Deployment – The /airbag command allows for manual deployment, enhancing RP on a scene.

Framework Integration:

Permission checks – You can easily edit the cl_airbag.lua file to add permissions or make changes.


On line 3 of cl_airbag.lua, you can set the level of damage to detect, for an automatic deployment.
On line 6 of cl_airbag.lua, you can set the number of seconds after airbags are automatically deployed before deleting.


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