Trafficking Gang Orders
Trafficking Gang Orders
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Trafficking Gang Orders


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The UI itself is created using react.js and typescript, if you wish to edit anything JS wise, you must have a good understanding of react.js and typescript. Before editing you must also have knowledge of NPM ( Node Package Manager ).


Have traffickers order you goods through airdrops by using their influence on the city that they get from selling narcotics.


Interactive UI.
Easy to use admin menus for maximum UX.
Join a gang to start collecting influence.
Gain influence through selling drugs to dealers.
Use your gathered influence to order airdrops with your specific goods.
Highly configurable, make everything to your liking.
Validation upon any action ( Event triggers and more. ), for key safety.

Trafficking Gang Orders

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1 review for Trafficking Gang Orders

  1. pidarastwify

    Great script for a server

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