Drug System V18


Drug System V18
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# About

The script is done with 2 drug locations.
Many Features.
Full and easy customization.
Utilizes qb-target, qb-menu.
# Information

[First-Step] – You need to find the locations of weed or cocaine.
[Second-Step] – You use qb-target on plant and you can harvest the plant.
[Third-Step] – After harvest plant you need a cutter to cut the weed or cocaine.
[Fourth-Step] – To cut you need a Cutter & Scale.
# About the Level System and Police System.

[Level-System] : When picking up the drug, each catch will give the player 1 point. The more points the more chance you have of getting drugs.
[Police-System] : When picking up the drug, the more police there are on the server, the more likely it is that a larger amount of drug will come out.
# Consumables

When the player obtains the trimmed weed, he will be able to make a joint, but he will need shrouds and a lighter. The joint will relieve stress and give the player some armor.

Drug System V18


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