Luck Games System V1 [Standalone]


  1. Explanation: This script is a set of games of chance, in which the player can spend money in search of a good prize. Features Access to full script code. No IP Blocking. We use FiveM Assets, for future script updates, with no encryption. It has support for ESX, QBCore and VRP. And if you have a different framework, you can easily configure it in the Framework_Standalone.lua file. You can easily translate the graphical interface and configure the script in the Config.lua file In all, the script has 4 games The server owner can choose to give awards in cash, items or weapons. The server owner can disable any of the games. To avoid hackers, the script creates server-side sessions with the aim of preventing someone from winning awards without actually playing and paying. It has integration with Discord’s Webhooks, thus creating a Log system to verify the creation of sessions, who lost and who won a game.
  2. – NPC You’ll be able to create as many npcs as you want from the map, defining your coordinates and heading. You will be able to adjust the prices and descriptions of each game. Lucky Numbers In this game, the player will have to find out which numbers are hidden in the gray stars on the right of the screen. The player can choose up to 6 numbers and then press to show the hidden numbers, depending on the amount of numbers he hits, he will win a award. The server owner will be able to decide what the awards are for each number of correct numbers. Find Animals This game is similar to the memory game, however, the player will need to find the pairs of animals without having seen where they are previously. By default, the player needs to find 3 pairs of animals and if he misses 5 times, he loses the game. If the player hits all 3 pairs, he wins the award. Gold Collect In this game, the player will need to collect coins falling from the sky, as this will be his award. But, it won’t be that easy. After collecting as many coins as he can or if the coin creation limit has been reached, the player will have to answer a specific question, that question will be selected at random from a set of questions and answers defined by the server owner. If the player gets the question right, he will win the award. You, the server owner, will need to create the questions and answers and place them in the Questions.lua file. It is necessary to have many questions so that the game does not become repetitive. You can leave this game disabled until you have all the questions ready. It’s pretty cool if there are questions about the server itself. You can also get questions more easily directly from a website. The player will have 1 minute to correctly answer the question, otherwise the game will randomly answer for him. This time is for him to have to answer quickly without being able to search the internet, but for that, the questions cannot be so easy. Winning Roullete This is a award roulette, in which the player will spin and he will win a award. It is necessary to have 8 awards in roulette, obligatorily. You can make this roulette more interesting by leaving a few rare awards that everyone wants, and lots of generic awards. So, everyone will really want to win the rare awards and will bet a lot on this roulette.

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Luck Games System V1 [Standalone]
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Luck Games System V1


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