Job Forms System V1 [Standalone]
Job Forms System V1 [Standalone]
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Job Forms System V1 [Standalone]


Explanation: With this script you will be able to create and edit forms in-game. Thus, giving autonomy to players responsible for certain jobs, create their own forms. Do you want to recruit the police? Now you can create a registration form! Features: You will determine which jobs can open the form menu ( create, edit and others ). When creating a form, a PED (NPC) will be created at the coordinate where the creator is and when players approach the Ped, they will be able to respond to the form. You can create, edit, view responses, update the Ped (NPC) and delete the form. You can create as many questions as you like in the following categories: Multiple, selection, short text and long text. The form is linked to the job, not the player. Thus, more than one person can view the responses and change the form for a given job. You will receive 4 versions of this script, which are: ESX, QBCore, VRP and Standalone. The script is very easy to translate and this can be done in the Config.lua file. The script has no IP blocker and is not encrypted. It has configurable Webhook for Discord. Resmon the maximum reached was 0.01ms.
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Job Forms System V1

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2 reviews for Job Forms System V1 [Standalone]

  1. Best Dating Site

    not error. worked fine

  2. Ismael

    Wow! +rep

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