Documents System V1 [Standalone]



Explanation: This is a document creation system. You can use it for various professions and even create the profession of lawyer or judge with it. Players can create documents containing text, images and signatures. This can be used for issuing documents such as a search and seizure warrant, or be used by the dealership to sign a vehicle purchase agreement or even for a marriage certificate between players. It can be used for many things, it all depends on your imagination. Features: When purchasing this Script, you will receive 4 versions: ESX, QBCore, VRP and Standalone. There is a Config.lua file, where you can translate everything and configure which jobs you can use the options of the Interactive Menu, in addition to being able to change the image right from the document. The player will be able to create a document template, which will be saved for use in creating documents. For example: vehicle exchange contract template between two players. Thus, this template can be used to create all documents that follow this same type of template. When creating documents, you can insert text, images and signatures. Acceptable images are jpg, png and gif When creating a document, it will be saved with the player, in which he will be able to give it to another player. When creating a document, the player with permission will be able to edit, close or delete the document. When a document is closed, it can no longer be edited. When the document is closed, there is an option to create a copy of it. In which you can hand this copy over to another player. In this case, it serves to keep the original with the creator and the copy with the client, if necessary. Or when it is simply necessary for more than one person to have the document. The documents are saved in the database. The tables are created automatically by the Script, without the need for any SQL file. This script contains another script of ours, IconMenu, free of charge. Because it was used to create the Documents interactive menus.
The script is not encrypted or blocked by IP.

Documents System V1 [Standalone]
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Documents System V1


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