Throwing Weapons System V1 [Standalone]
Throwing Weapons System V1 [Standalone]
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Throwing Weapons System V1 [Standalone]



This pack includes 8 different throwable weapons, 2 different Ninja Stars, a Brick, a Rock, 3 different shoes and a Throwing Knife Standalone Easy to install + Detailed Guide The pack includes images for the weapons to use as items Easy ESX configuration if you are running any version of ESX on your server All weapons are optimized for FiveM All weapons are modeled This pack does not need any script to calculate throwing the weapons! This is all through native weapon.meta files so this does not hurt performance on your server! Synced accross all players and no glitchy ness, very smooth! Note when i hit the other player in the leg with the throwing weapon they ragdolled, that is a script i have running if the ped is shot or injured in the leg they ragdoll. That script is not included in this pack.

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Throwing Weapons System V1

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