Vehicle Pressure
Vehicle Pressure Washing [Standalone]
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Vehicle Pressure Washing [Standalone]



This script allows you to have a realistic Dynamic Water/Soap Hose And Pressure Pump system with many realistic features to enhance self-washing vehicles.

Features Works On All Type Of Vehicles Supports Hose To Give A Realistic Look A Custom Pressure Pump Model For A Realistic Look Hose Attachment Model Can Be Changed To A Custom Model Or Any Model In The Config Unlimited Locations For Accessing The Pressure Pump (You Can Add Them In the Config) Perfectly Synced Cool 3D Status Messages Realistic Water/Soap Spray (Controlled By The Player And Synced) Soap And Water Removes Vehicle Dirt And Cleans.

The Vehicle Adjustable Water/Soap Density And Clean Rates Hose Length Are Changeable Hose Breaks And Explodes If Expanded Beyond Max Length (Can Be Disabled) Supports Locales Well Optimized Pump Placing/Taking Sounds Standalone.

And ESX Script ESX Money Support (Charge On Pump Use, Charge On Hose Break) ESX Can Support Jobs For Equipping The Pump One sync Compatible And Much More…

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Vehicle Pressure Washing

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