Fishing Job V6 [Advanced][Bt-Target]


Fishing Job V6 [Advanced][Bt-Target]
Fishing Job V6 [Advanced][Bt-Target] $20.00 $14.00

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Fishing Job V6

What you can expect from this script; Use bt-target OR 3D Draw Text – Since this started off as a custom request, you can use either bt-target or 3d Draw Text for the message in a bottle part (See Below or in the video) Change where you can fish – by adjusting the coordinates in the Config (shared.lua) MinNorth/South/East/West. There are Four Categories of Fish; Common Fish – The most commonly caught fish, these will be your basic standard fish, and are quite easy to catch. Medium Fish – Not quite as common as the Common Fish, but worth a bit more because why not, also a bit harder to catch. Rare Fish – The rarest of rare, as well as being hard to catch. Deep Sea Fish – These fish can ONLY be caught out in the deep, open ocean. These fish are made Illegal by default, but you can easily change this. To fish, you will need to use Bait. Same for Deep Sea Fishing, it’s a different Bait. (How Deep Sea Bait is aquired on my server is by doing Normal Fishing and getting it that way). “Treasure Hunt” While catching Rare Fish, you have a chance to fish up a Message In A Bottle instead. Upon using the Message In A Bottle, you’ll have a message pop up on your screen (A NUI) that looks like this 33. Adjust the messages, how many messages, locations, and all that fun stuff via the Config. If you have bt-target enabled, once you get close to the location a crate will pop up for you to loot. Adjust the loot via the Config. Change the values to False to exclude them. If you have bt-target DISABLED, getting near the location will instead Display DrawText telling you to press E. Once pressed, you’ll do a short digging animation and then be rewarded with the loot. Sell your Fish! With bt-target enabled -two peds will be spawned based on the location set in the Config. One will be for legal fish, the other for the deep sea illegal fish. Talking to either one will sell ALL of the fish type to that NPC. With bt-target DISABLED – the two locations will instead be replaced with DrawText that once going near, will prompt you to sell your Fish. Doing so here will also sell all fish of that TYPE to the desired location. Change both locations – via the Config. They’re currently both set on Chumash Pier. Easily change the price – of each individual fish straight from the Config. Add as many fish as you want, and the code will take care of the rest. No need for you to do anything else other than adjust the Config.


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