Chopshop System V4 [Bt-Target]
Chopshop System V4 [Bt-Target]
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Chopshop System V4 [Bt-Target]



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utilizes bt-target & PolyZones so the resmon is always low no matter the player count. Start the Job via an NPC that only spawns client side when nearby (To keep Ped Count low so no crashes) or no ugly draw text or markers. Just nice, clean GTA. Once started, the NPC will either tell you a random car from the list OR you can change in the Config to allow ANY Car to be chopped as long as it is nearby. If using the list, set up as many cars as you’d like. It currently includes 30 cars that naturally spawn throughout the GTA World. There’s also an option to enable POLICE CARS to be chopped (Set up your police cars in the Config). With this enabled, whatever car he asks you to get will be overriden if you show up in any of the Police cars listed. With the above enabled, there’s another option to DOUBLE the loot if you bring a police car to be chopped. Plug N Play! The only changes you will have to make is your police cars and the items you want to give. Once you have returned with a vehicle, talking to the NPC again will prompt you to turn it in, in which the zones you need to interact with will be created at the car via PolyZones/bt-target. Works with 2 door or 4 door vehicles (With 2 doors, the max loot spots will be 4, while 4 doors have 6) Interact with each door/hood to grab the Doors/Hood/Engine and return them to the NPC, each time you hand in loot you will be rewarded. As most cars have different sizes, you may have to look around a bit near where it -should- be to find the correct location. Once you’ve stripped down the car, of if you’ve just gotten tired of taking it apart, talking with the NPC and choosing the finished option will prompt you for the next step, toss the car on the fork lift (Once again, Utilizing bt-target so it stays put), and drop the car off at the NPC’s “trash pile” where you’ll be awarded your 5th(or 7th) piece of loot. More features to come! I’m aware that it’s hard to make a Chop Shop script unique, as it’s a very basic concept, however this won’t stop me from adding to this script, any good ideas you have that might make this script pop more, will be added to the script. Feel free to DM me on Discord or via the FiveM Forums, or posting in the thread if you have ideas.

Chopshop System V4

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