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Drug System V9 [Weed][Growing][Advanced]


Drug System V9 [Weed][Growing][Advanced]
Drug System V9 [Weed][Growing][Advanced] £32.43 £16.21

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Drug System V9 Drug System V9

– The player can plant weed seeds individually or with a group of friends in a secret place they want. Fertilization and watering options for high amount of harvest. Anyone can harvest the leafs. Set your server’s limitation of simultane sowing to avoid abuse of earning money. Follow your enemys sneaky to find their weed and harvest them. Police can burn the weed plant if they find it. – Limiting weed production and extending the growing time, drives players away from farming. – For example; Weed can be harvested 24 hours after planting, if the player wants to over-harvest the weed he/she can water or fertilize it for a certain period of time that you set. – Players can only sow the weed out of town (north side of the map) – Other players can collect, water, fertilize or burn the weed you planted. That means the sowed weed works independently from the player. Other players can make transactions no matter if the player is online or not. Restarting the server does not affect because the database is registered. – We have been using this script for 4 months on the server I developed. – I checked the ms values by planting 500, 600 weed. It takes about 0.01 ms. But still my suggestion is that 1 person should not plant more than 1 weed.


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