VehicleShop System V10 [Standalone]
VehicleShop System V10 [Standalone]
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VehicleShop System V10 [Standalone]



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High configurable, from menu controls to vehicle/category blacklists, etc. Over 500 vehicles from base GTA 5 and accompanying DLC are all stored in JSON files (NoSQL). Vehicle, aircraft, boat, and helicopter dealership included all with populated vehicles. Lightweight as this resource comes in at ~400 lines, meaning you can easily implement this into your server. All vehicles have statistics such as handling, acceleration, top speed, etc. Config is entirely commented. Standalone/ESX version included. Players have the ability to test drive vehicles. No obfuscation, feel free to make any changes you like. You do not need to purchase this resource again for updates however you may only download it once per update. Prioritized support in the support discord, join here. Easy to use menu which does not waste CPU resources. Performance: When outside of a dealership this resource takes ~0.02 CPU msec. When inside a dealership and navigating the menu this resource takes ~0.04 CPU msec.

VehicleShop System V10

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