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Deliveries & Oxy Runs System [Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired]


Deliveries & Oxy Runs System [Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired]
Deliveries & Oxy Runs System [Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired] $25.00 $20.00

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Deliveries & Oxy Runs System

So, as the name implies the script essentially has you deliver items to a location. You bring the items there, and wait for the customer to come to you. You can make the items anything you want. Fully configurable. While you’re doing the job, having the item in your inventory will have you play the carrying box animation (This way, it’s dangerous to do your sells, as police/people will know you’re up to something. Locals will drive up to you and you will interact with their car to hand them the item you configure, when you hand it to them you can enable Money, Dirty Money, or Items as a reward. Another option in the config, is to enable Cleaning/Washing/Laundering your dirty money via this method. Just enable it in the config, and when you deliver an item to a local you will be given clean cash for the dirty money as long as you have it on you. The script is set up to either do a single location for all the sales, or multiple locations. You can choose the peds who drive up to you, their vehicles, how many deliveries, whether you are given the items to deliver when talking to the NPC to start the job, or if you aquire the items another way


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