Meth Cooking System [Drugs][Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired]
Meth Cooking System [Drugs][Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired]
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Meth Cooking System [Drugs][Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired]



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The process goes as follows > Start the meth process by interacting with the laptop –> Grab Chemicals –> Prepare the chemicals –> Start up the Mixer/Cooker –> Grab the Filler Ingredients –> Add the mixture to the cooker –> Check the temperature/raise/lower it to keep it within a set temp (Or it will EXPLODE!) –> Store Meth on the shelf to cool down –> Loot meth once cooled down, ANYONE Can do this last step once placed on the shelf If you use Reload_skillcheck or whatever the script is called, you can enable it in the config and you will have skill-checks which make the entire process MUCH. MORE. DIFFICULT. Fail the first skill check? Gas spreads which damages/kills you. Fail the second skill check? Fire spreads. Fail the third skill check? Boom. You explode

Meth Cooking System

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