ATM Robbery + Car Thief + House Robbery [Bundle]
ATM Robbery + Car Thief + House Robbery [Bundle]
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ATM Robbery + Car Thief + House Robbery [Bundle]



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Features ATM Robbery

You can set up as many ATMs as you want with individual -> Cooldown Timers (An ATM in Paleto Bay could have a longer cooldown, as an ATM in the city) Those timers are synced between players -> Maximum Loot (An ATM in the city f.e. could give more money, than an ATM at Sandy Shores) – The robbery is a process: If you stay longer at the ATM for robbery, you’ll receive more money. But you also increase the risk to be catched by the police – Cop Notifications when a Robbery is started and aborted. – Alarm sound, which is synced between all players – Full Translation file with English and German translation by default.

Features Car Thief

Car Thief script is Fully configurable – Opportunities for Gangs/Groups – in general makes the crime RP more interessting – Cop Dispatches – Difficulty can be choosen – Easy to use also for Newbies (for Search Missions nothing, regardless the lockpick, is required) – As always: Available in English and German (Can be translated compeletely in Config.lua)

Features House Robbery

You can set up as many missions as you want in your Config.lua. The robbery can only be started in a configured timespan. When you start the robbery your first goal is it to find the alarm code, which is somewhere in the house (Will be different every time). But you only have a certain amount of seconds, until the cops will be notified. When you found the alarm code, you can go to the alarm system and disable the alarm. Till this happens you’ll hear an alarm sound. Whether you found the code or not, you can now steal all items, which are configured in the config. Some objects can also give multiple items or simply money (or black money). – To finish your robbery, you can simply go to the exit.

When the seller is activated, also the possibility to sell your stolen objects is included in the script.

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ATM Robbery + Car Thief + House Robbery [Bundle]

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