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This is the third time i have bought from here. I’m glad they have great support, I just opened my FiveM servers.Jennifer G.Shop now

FiveM Server List

Find the best FiveM servers for beginners and experts alike. Get the most out of your FiveM experience with our extensive selection of servers to choose from. We’re constantly updating our FiveM server list to make sure you’re always getting the best possible experience.

The Best FiveM RP Servers

Our FiveM server list includes all the tools you’ll need to start playing FiveM right away—from new players to seasoned veterans. Simply select what type of player you are and see which servers fit your play style! These servers include private, public, and hybrid servers.

FiveM Server List

We Present: The Most Popular & Biggest FiveM Servers

Official FiveM Server list: The GTA 5 modification called “FiveM” is popular on Twitch. Most FiveM servers are roleplay servers, which enable players to slip into a role of criminals or police officers. On this page you’ll find a collection of the most popular servers on the FiveM platform!

We present you the best GTA RP servers so you’ll not have to look around any longer and save a lot of time.
Thanks for checking out our FiveM server list.

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FiveM Server List

Del Perro Gaming DOJRP

Discord: Click here
Website: Click Here
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Del Perro Gaming DOJRP | DOJ Based | vMenu | 300+ Cars | Anyone can be a cop | Giveaways! | Custom EUP | +So much more! Del Perro Gaming DOJRP is a community that was started by friends, for friends! We pride ourselves on maximizing quality of roleplay, while not forcing unnecessary rules down your throat! Check out our website for a chance to win a $20 Steam Gift Card!

Lost Place RP | FiveM Server List | Best FiveM RP Servers | FiveM Store

Lost Place RP

Discord: Click here
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Lost Place ist ein neuer deutschsprachiger GTA 5-FiveM-Roleplay-Server der am 16.09.2022 seine Open Alpha startet, bei uns musst du nicht 24/7 Farmen, um Geld zu verdienen, das heißt auch für Gelegenheitsspieler etwas, die nicht viel Zeit haben. Discord Whitelist, Anfängerfreundlicher Server, Legale Jobs, Bis zu 8 verschiedene Drogen um Geld zu verdienen + einnehmbare Routen, FFA, 100.000$ Startgeld, Imports und Vanilla Cars, High Performance

Indigo RP | FiveM Server List | Best FiveM RP Servers | FiveM Store

Indigo RP

Discord: Click here
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This server was made with the intention to create a warm, strong community for all types of people. We have set up the server so that all different people can play on it if it’s streamers, content creators, normal players & way more. We strive to make RP the best it can be and make the experience better for all. We add new things.

Wild West Coast RP | FiveM Server List | Best FiveM RP Servers | FiveM Store

Wild West Coast RP

Discord: Click here
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Wild West Coast RP is a growing FiveM Roleplay community. We pride ourselves on being a diverse, warm, and welcoming group of friends. Player Owned Dealerships & Businesses, 100+ Real Life Cars, bridge to cayo, government jobs. In server referral rewards program that rewards you and your referrals with in game cash. Active, friendly and helpful staff. Constantly growing list of server features to facilitate high quality RP.

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