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Top Trending FiveM Maps: What's New and What's Next? | FiveM Store

Top Trending FiveM Maps: What’s New and What’s Next?

FiveM has quickly become a hotspot for gamers looking to enhance their Grand Theft Auto V experience with new maps, mods, and multiplayer servers. As the community around this platform grows, so does the innovation and creativity of the maps being developed. In this article, we’ll dive into the top trending FiveM maps, exploring what’s new and what’s next in this dynamic world. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just getting started, these maps promise to offer something fresh and exciting for everyone.

1. Vice City Remastered

First on our list is the Vice City Remastered map. This map brings the nostalgic world of GTA Vice City to the modern engine of GTA V. With enhanced graphics and updated gameplay features, players can explore the iconic city with a new level of detail and immersion. The map includes all the original locations, missions, and characters, making it a must-try for fans of the classic game.

2. Liberty City Expansion

The Liberty City Expansion takes players back to the beloved city from GTA IV, but with a twist. This map not only includes the entire city with its intricate details but also adds new areas and missions to explore. The expansion seamlessly integrates with the existing GTA V map, allowing players to travel between Los Santos and Liberty City, offering a vast new playground for adventures and criminal escapades.

3. Red Dead Desert

For those who love the wild west theme of Red Dead Redemption but wish to stay within the GTA V universe, the Red Dead Desert map is the perfect solution. This map transforms a vast area of the GTA map into a desert landscape, complete with towns, hideouts, and missions inspired by the Red Dead series. It’s an excellent blend of two worlds, providing a unique experience for players.

4. Los Santos 2077

Inspired by the cyberpunk genre, Los Santos 2077 takes the familiar city of Los Santos and reimagines it in the future. This map is filled with neon lights, futuristic buildings, and high-tech vehicles, offering a stark contrast to the original setting. The map also introduces new missions and characters, making it an exciting playground for players looking for something out of the ordinary.

5. The Zombie Apocalypse

Adding a twist to the traditional GTA gameplay, The Zombie Apocalypse map turns Los Santos into a survival horror game. Players must navigate through a city overrun by zombies, scavenging for resources, and fighting for survival. The map features new mechanics, such as hunger and thirst, as well as a day-night cycle that affects zombie behavior. It’s a thrilling experience that challenges players in new ways.


The FiveM platform continues to breathe new life into GTA V, thanks to the creativity and dedication of its community. The maps mentioned above are just a glimpse of what’s currently trending, but they represent the innovation and diversity available to players. As the community grows, we can only expect to see more groundbreaking maps that push the boundaries of what’s possible in the game. Whether you’re looking for nostalgia, adventure, or a completely new challenge, there’s something in the world of FiveM maps for you.


How do I install these FiveM maps?

Installing FiveM maps typically involves downloading the map files and placing them in the appropriate directory within your FiveM server. Detailed instructions can usually be found on the download page for each map.

Are these maps free to use?

Most FiveM maps are created by the community and are free to use. However, it’s important to respect the creators’ wishes and check for any usage restrictions or requirements.

Can I contribute to the development of a FiveM map?

Yes, many map developers welcome contributions from the community. If you’re interested in contributing, reach out to the developer of the map to see how you can get involved.

Where can I find more FiveM maps?

For a comprehensive list of FiveM maps, visit the FiveM Store. The site offers a wide variety of maps, mods, and resources for the FiveM community.

As the FiveM platform continues to evolve, so does the landscape of available maps and mods. The top trending maps offer a glimpse into the future of GTA V gameplay, providing fresh and innovative experiences for players. By staying connected with the community and exploring new developments, players can continue to discover exciting new worlds within the familiar setting of Los Santos and beyond.

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