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Top QBcore Scripts Every FiveM Server Owner Should Have | FiveM Store

Top QBcore Scripts Every FiveM Server Owner Should Have

FiveM is a popular multiplayer mod for the game Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to create custom servers with unique features and gameplay. One of the most important aspects of running a successful FiveM server is having the right scripts installed to enhance the player experience and add new features to the game.

1. EssentialMode

EssentialMode is a core script for FiveM servers that provides essential functionality such as managing player data, permissions, and logging. It is a must-have for any server owner looking to create a stable and secure environment for their players.


QBUS is a popular framework for FiveM servers that provides a wide range of features such as player customization, job systems, and vehicle handling. It is highly customizable and allows server owners to create unique gameplay experiences for their players.

3. vMenu

vMenu is a powerful server management tool for FiveM servers that allows server owners to easily configure and customize their server settings. It provides features such as player management, vehicle spawning, and server moderation tools.

4. OneSync

OneSync is a script that enables true synchronization of events and data between multiple players on a FiveM server. It is essential for creating a seamless multiplayer experience with high player counts and complex interactions.

5. VRP

VRP is a roleplay framework for FiveM servers that provides a set of features such as job systems, inventory management, and economy tools. It is popular among server owners looking to create immersive roleplaying experiences for their players.


Having the right QBcore scripts installed on your FiveM server is essential for creating a successful and engaging gameplay experience for your players. Whether you are looking to enhance player customization, add new features, or improve server management, these scripts are a must-have for any server owner.


Q: Where can I find these QBcore scripts?

A: You can find these scripts on websites that specialize in FiveM server resources, such as

Q: Are these scripts free to use?

A: Some QBcore scripts are free to use, while others may require a purchase or a subscription fee. It is important to check the licensing terms for each script before installing it on your server.

Q: Can I customize these scripts to suit my server’s needs?

A: Yes, most QBcore scripts are highly customizable and allow server owners to configure them to fit their specific gameplay requirements. However, it is recommended to follow the developer’s guidelines and best practices when making modifications.

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