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Top ESX Scripts to Enhance Your FiveM Server | FiveM Store

Top ESX Scripts to Enhance Your FiveM Server

FiveM is a popular multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V that allows players to create custom servers with unique gameplay experiences. ESX (EssentialMode Extended) is a framework for FiveM servers that provides essential functionality, such as player identification, money systems, and logging tools.

1. ESX Identity

ESX Identity is a script that allows players to create and customize their in-game identity, including names, genders, and birthdates. This script enhances role-playing experiences by giving players the ability to immerse themselves in their characters.

2. ESX Insurance

ESX Insurance is a script that adds insurance functionality to your FiveM server. With this script, players can purchase insurance for their vehicles, protecting them from theft and damages. This feature adds depth to the gameplay and encourages players to take care of their vehicles.

3. ESX Jobs

ESX Jobs is a script that introduces job opportunities for players on your FiveM server. From police officers to taxi drivers, players can choose from a variety of professions to earn money. This script adds a dynamic element to the gameplay and encourages collaboration among players.

4. ESX Drugs

ESX Drugs is a script that allows players to engage in illegal activities, such as drug trafficking and production, on your FiveM server. This script introduces a unique gameplay experience for players who seek thrill and risk-taking. However, it is important to monitor player behavior to ensure a fair and balanced gameplay environment.

5. ESX Properties

ESX Properties is a script that enables players to buy and manage properties on your FiveM server. From apartments to businesses, players can invest in real estate to generate passive income. This script enhances the economic aspect of the gameplay and encourages long-term engagement.


Overall, incorporating ESX scripts into your FiveM server can greatly enhance the gameplay experience for your players. Whether you aim to create a realistic role-playing environment or introduce unique gameplay elements, these scripts provide versatile tools to customize and optimize your server. By installing and configuring these scripts, you can attract and retain more players, fostering a vibrant and dynamic community.


1. How do I install ESX scripts on my FiveM server?

To install ESX scripts on your FiveM server, you need to have a basic understanding of server management and scripting. You can find installation instructions and support forums on the respective script developers’ websites. Additionally, you may consider hiring a developer or server administrator to assist with the installation process.

2. Are ESX scripts compatible with other FiveM scripts?

The compatibility of ESX scripts with other FiveM scripts depends on the specific scripts and their functionalities. It is recommended to test the compatibility of scripts in a controlled environment before deploying them on your live server. Consult with the script developers or community forums for guidance on script compatibility.

For more information and support related to ESX scripts and FiveM server customization, visit FiveM Store.

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