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The Top FiveM Peds Mods You Need to Try | FiveM Store

The Top FiveM Peds Mods You Need to Try

If you’re a fan of FiveM, you know that mods can greatly enhance your gaming experience. One of the most popular types of mods for FiveM is Peds mods, which allow you to customize the appearance of your character in the game. In this article, we’ll take a look at the top five Peds mods that you need to try for an improved gaming experience.

1. Realistic Character Models

One of the most popular types of Peds mods for FiveM is realistic character models. These mods replace the standard character models in the game with more detailed and lifelike versions. This can make the game feel more immersive and realistic, as you’ll be able to see more intricate details on your character’s face and clothing.

Some popular realistic character models mods include:

2. Custom Outfits

Another popular type of Peds mod for FiveM is custom outfits. These mods allow you to change the clothing and accessories worn by your character in the game. You can choose from a wide variety of options, including formal wear, casual outfits, and even themed costumes.

Some popular custom outfits mods include:

3. Weapon Holsters

Weapon holsters are another popular type of Peds mod for FiveM. These mods allow you to add holsters to your character’s outfit, so they can carry their weapons in a more realistic and visually appealing way. This can make your character look more prepared for action and add an extra layer of immersion to the game.

Some popular weapon holsters mods include:

4. Anime Characters

For fans of anime and manga, there are Peds mods available that allow you to play as your favorite anime characters in FiveM. These mods replace the standard character models with popular anime characters, complete with their signature outfits and hairstyles. This can add a fun and unique twist to your gameplay experience.

Some popular anime characters mods include:

5. Fantasy Creatures

If you’re looking to add a touch of fantasy to your FiveM gameplay, consider trying out Peds mods that feature fantasy creatures. These mods allow you to play as mythical beings such as elves, vampires, werewolves, and more. This can add a whole new dimension to your gaming experience and immerse you in a world of magic and wonder.

Some popular fantasy creatures mods include:


Adding Peds mods to your FiveM gameplay can enhance your gaming experience by allowing you to customize your character in unique and creative ways. Whether you’re looking for realistic character models, custom outfits, weapon holsters, anime characters, or fantasy creatures, there’s a Peds mod out there for you. Be sure to check out the mods mentioned in this article and take your FiveM gameplay to the next level!


1. How do I install Peds mods for FiveM?

To install Peds mods for FiveM, you’ll need to download the mod files from a trusted source and then follow the installation instructions provided. Make sure to back up your game files before installing any mods to avoid any potential issues.

2. Are Peds mods safe to use in FiveM?

As long as you download Peds mods from reputable sources and follow the installation instructions carefully, Peds mods should be safe to use in FiveM. However, it’s always a good idea to exercise caution when downloading and installing mods, as they can potentially cause conflicts with your game files.

3. Can I use multiple Peds mods at the same time in FiveM?

Yes, you can use multiple Peds mods at the same time in FiveM. However, keep in mind that using multiple mods can sometimes lead to compatibility issues or performance issues, so it’s best to test each mod individually before using them together.

Ready to enhance your FiveM gameplay with these top Peds mods? Visit to explore a wide range of mods for FiveM and start customizing your gaming experience today!

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