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The Most Popular ESX Scripts for FiveM Servers: A Comprehensive List | FiveM Store

The Most Popular ESX Scripts for FiveM Servers: A Comprehensive List

ESX (Essentialmode Extended) is a framework for FiveM, a multiplayer modification for Grand Theft Auto V. It allows server owners to customize their gaming experience, making it more engaging and immersive for players. One of the key features of ESX is the ability to add scripts, which are essentially plugins that enhance gameplay in various ways. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular ESX scripts for FiveM servers, providing a comprehensive list of options for server owners to consider.

1. ESX_Advanced_Truck_Inventory

This script allows players to store items in the back of their trucks, increasing storage capacity and convenience for transporting goods. With this script, players can easily access their inventory while on the go, making gameplay more efficient and enjoyable.

2. ESX_Teleportation

ESX_Teleportation is a popular script that allows players to teleport to various locations on the map. This can be particularly useful for server events, quick travel, or exploration. With customizable teleportation points, server owners can create a more dynamic and interactive environment for players.

3. ESX_Spawn_Menu

The ESX_Spawn_Menu script provides players with a menu to spawn vehicles, items, and other resources instantly. This script simplifies the process of obtaining necessary tools for gameplay, streamlining the experience for both new and experienced players.


ESX_EMS is a script that introduces an EMS (Emergency Medical Services) system to the server. With this script, players can become medical professionals, respond to emergencies, and save lives in the virtual world. This adds a new dimension to gameplay, fostering teamwork and role-playing opportunities.

5. ESX_PoliceJob

The ESX_PoliceJob script allows players to join the police force, enforce laws, and maintain order in the city. This script includes various law enforcement activities, such as patrols, investigations, and arrests. With realistic police mechanics, players can experience the thrill of the chase and uphold justice in the virtual world.

6. ESX_Robbery

ESX_Robbery is a script that enables players to rob stores, banks, and other locations for financial gain. This script introduces risk and reward mechanics, creating exciting opportunities for heists and criminal activities. With police response systems and dynamic scenarios, players can engage in thrilling heists and cat-and-mouse pursuits.

7. ESX_DrugEffects

ESX_DrugEffects is a script that simulates the effects of drug use in the game. This script adds a realistic element to gameplay, with various drugs affecting player performance and behavior. With addiction mechanics and consequences, players must navigate the dangers of substance abuse in the virtual world.

8. ESX_LockSystem

The ESX_LockSystem script provides players with a lock and unlock system for vehicles, houses, and other interactable objects. This script enhances security and privacy in the game, allowing players to protect their assets from theft and vandalism. With customizable settings and permissions, server owners can create a safe and secure environment for players.

9. ESX_Barbershop

The ESX_Barbershop script introduces a barbershop system to the server, allowing players to customize their character’s appearance. This script includes various hairstyle and beard options, giving players more creative control over their avatar. With interactive barber NPCs and salon amenities, players can express their unique style in the virtual world.

10. ESX_CarWash

ESX_CarWash is a script that provides players with a car wash service for their vehicles. This script allows players to clean and maintain their cars, improving aesthetics and performance. With interactive car wash locations and payment options, players can keep their rides looking fresh and sleek.


These are just a few of the most popular ESX scripts for FiveM servers. Each script offers unique features and gameplay enhancements, catering to different player preferences and server themes. Server owners can mix and match scripts to create a customized gaming experience that engages and entertains players. By incorporating these scripts, servers can attract a wider player base and foster a vibrant community of enthusiasts. Whether players are seeking role-playing opportunities, competitive challenges, or casual interactions, ESX scripts can elevate the gaming experience and keep players coming back for more.


1. How do I install ESX scripts on my FiveM server?

To install ESX scripts on your FiveM server, you will need to download the script files and add them to your server’s resources folder. You can then start the script in your server.cfg file and restart the server to apply the changes. Some scripts may require additional configuration or dependencies, so be sure to read the installation instructions provided by the script developer.

2. Are ESX scripts free to use?

Many ESX scripts are available for free on forums, community websites, and script repositories. However, some developers may charge a fee for premium scripts or custom modifications. Be sure to check the script’s licensing terms and conditions before using it on your server. Additionally, consider supporting script developers by donating or purchasing premium scripts for advanced features and support.

3. Can I modify ESX scripts to suit my server’s needs?

ESX scripts are customizable and can be modified to fit your server’s theme, rules, and preferences. You can tweak script settings, adjust spawn locations, add new features, or integrate complementary scripts to enhance gameplay. However, be mindful of copyright and licensing restrictions when modifying scripts, and always credit the original developers for their hard work. Collaboration with script developers and fellow server owners can also lead to innovative ideas and improvements for the community.

4. How can I find and recommend new ESX scripts for FiveM servers?

To discover new ESX scripts for FiveM servers, you can explore script forums, community Discord servers, and script repositories. Look for scripts that align with your server’s goals, player base, and gameplay style. When recommending scripts to fellow server owners, consider sharing your experiences, tips, and feedback to help them make informed decisions. Collaboration and feedback within the FiveM community can lead to the discovery of hidden gems and the creation of impactful scripts that elevate the gaming experience for all players.

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