VehicleShop System V12 [CarShop][Dealership][Bt-Target]


VehicleShop System V12 [CarShop][Dealership][Bt-Target]
VehicleShop System V12 [CarShop][Dealership][Bt-Target] 1,537.26 922.36

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VehicleShop System V12

Resmon sits comfortably at 0.00/0.01, no ugly draw text (Sorry, not making a 3D DrawText version so don’t ask) So, lets hop into the text description; * 6 Car Display – By Default, 6 Vehicles will be displayed from the different categories. (Sedan, Compact, Muscle, Sports/Sports Classic, Off Road/Trucks/Vans, and Motorcycles/Bikes.) * No Vehicle Database required – Make changes straight to the Config (shared.lua). Simply add the vehicle, label and price to the Config and your car will be in the category of your choosing. * Vehicles are – loaded when you’re within 200m distance by default, which you can easily change near the top of client.lua * Client Side Displays – To prevent people from being able to troll others, and to allow as many people as possible to look at cars, they are displayed client side so no one can interfere with others. * Flip Through the cars – Hit Next/Previous to change the Display Model of a specific Category * View/Purchase – Check out the cars name/price by clicking view/purchase. Exit if you don’t want to buy the car, and confirm if you want it. * Talk to Simeon – To view ALL the cars in a category, speak with Simeon (Alt-Menu) and you’ll be able to scroll through a list of EVERY car that is in that Category. It will show you the name/price. Clicking on the car will swap the display model to your car of choice. * Test Drive – You can Test Drive any car (Lasts for 30 seconds by default, change it in the client.lua). Once the test drive is over, you’ll be teleported back to the dealership and the car deleted. That’s pretty much it, it’s very straightforward and easy to set up. You need the money on you to make a purchase, and once you’ve done so the vehicle will be added to your owned_vehicles table. – Plates are generated as 4x Letters, 4x Numbers. You can change this at the bottom of Client.lua Will add a config option for this at a later date.


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