Barbershop Job System V1 [Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired]
Barbershop Job System V1 [Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired]
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Barbershop Job System V1 [Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired]



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The script is pretty much plug and play and fairly simple to understand, but has a more complicated element if you choose to use it; read below. * A Barber Job – Become what you have always wanted to be .. a barber! * List of Barbers/Phone Number – Put in your name/phone number and the PED At the desk will inform anyone who comes looking as to your name/number. Can hold dozens of names/numbers at any given time. Syncs to all clients currently connected. * Cut & Style other peoples hair – Well, it’s a barbershop/salon so, cut peoples hair, change their highlights and base color. * Your imagination is the limit! – On my server, when people get their hair cut they get sort of a “Buff” (Fly As Fuck!) While they have this “Buff” Anything they sell is increased in price because well, they look good as fuck with their new cut. — I’ve included how this is done in the readme of the script, as well as all dependencies. Current Limitations: – Only one person can be getting their hair cut at any given time, I’ve got a work around for this but I’d like to improve upon and test it more before updating. – Currently only set up to use brp-appearance(Linked below), this can EASILY be changed by changing lines 220 & 227 in the client.lua to use ESX Skin, or your choice of clothing/ped script. You can use any which barbershop you choose, simply just change which model of the chairs you want to use via the client.lua. [brp-appearance](

Barbershop Job System V1

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