Tasty Eats Job System
Tasty Eats Job System [Leveling System]
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Tasty Eats Job System [Leveling System]



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Tasty Eats Job System


FEATURES: Optimized script, 1,500+ lines of code, Easy to set up, The job is based on the interaction with NPC, Script is synchronized with Players, NPC, 5 Restaurants from which we take Orders, Easy to customize, Open code, No IP-Lock, CONFIG: DepositForVehiclePrice – time after which Laundry will be removed from Washing Machine, CustomerComingToDoor – time after which Laundry will be removed from Washing Machine, Levels – Possible to change Point Requirements, Payout and Waiting Time for the Order, Locations – Possible to change Locations, Blips – Possible to change/customize Blips, Restaurants – Possible to add/delete/edit Restaurants, RandomText – Possible to add/delete/edit Random Texts for Player and NPC, Peds – Possible to customize Peds, DeliveryPlace – Possible to add/delete/edit place of Food Delivery, Clothes – Possible to edit/delete Work Clothes,


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