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Fire Tools System
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Fire Tools System


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Fire Tools System

This premium resource is a great addition to any roleplay server, adding a whole new element of roleplay and realism for firefighters on scene, especially for Road Traffic Collisions (RTC’s). This includes the ability to setup stabilisers for vehicle rescue, holding it still allowing you to rescue those inside. Secondly, you can use the spreaders to force open and break a vehicle door, freeing somebody trapped inside. Lastly, for high amounts of smoke on scene, you can setup a ventilation fan to clear the area of smoke.

The resource is fully configurable, allowing for ace permissions and translations to other languages. This unique resource will set you apart from other servers, allowing your firefighters to have great technology at work.

The resource includes two addon, custom props converted by Adam Fenton. We’d like to thank him for working with us on this release. These are the stabiliser and spreader props.


/stabilisers setup – This will setup stabilisers on the nearest vehicle. You should stand at a right angle to the vehicle, with the vehicle to your left. This allows for the vehicle to be fully supported so firefighters can move in and free the people stuck inside.
/stabilisers remove – This will remove stabilisers setup on the nearest vehicle. The resource is fully synced, meaning other firefighters can remove stabilisers that they didn’t setup.
/spreaders – This will give you spreaders to use, run the command again to remove them. You can then walk up to a vehicle and an on-screen prompt will ask you to press Enter to force open the vehicle door, or press Spacebar to break off the vehicle door.
/fan setup – This will setup an extractor fan in front of you, spawning the prop. After 20 seconds, all smoke and particles in the area will be removed. The duration of this is configurable in the config file.
/fan remove – This will remove a nearby extractor fan. The resource is fully synced, meaning other firefighters can remove fans that they didn’t setup.

Full Features:

Hydraulic Spreaders – These are a powerful piece of tech, allowing firefighters to rescue somebody stuck inside a vehicle in as little time as possible. They can force car doors open and even break them off, enhancing the entire roleplay experience on scene. This features custom sounds when breaking or forcing doors open, which syncs to all players in the area.

Vehicle Stabilisers – Rescuing someone from a vehicle can be a challenging experience, especially when the vehicle is sideways or upside down. These vehicle stabilisers can be easily setup, holding the vehicle in place and making a great addition to screenshots.

Ventilation Fan – Having full vision on scene is vital, this ventilation fan will allow you to extract any smoke in the area, along with custom sounds.

Custom Props – This resource features two custom props to enhance the roleplay experience.


You can easily open the config_firetools.lua and configure the script to your liking.

The first section is called main, allowing you to set all of the commands if you wish to change the names of them, eg, change /fan to /ventilator.

You can adjust the smoke removal delay to the ventilator fan and the sound volumes for both the spreaders and the fan. You can also enable AcePermissions here, by changing it to true.

Lastly, the translations section allows you to change every message we show to the player. This will allow you to fully translate the script to any language.


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1 review for Fire Tools System

  1. Avatar for Charles Walton

    Charles Walton (verified owner)

    Excellent realistic product that really enhances the realism of road traffic collisions and building fires.

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