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Speed Camera System V3 [Manually][Standalone]


Speed Camera System V3 [Manually][Standalone]
Speed Camera System V3 [Manually][Standalone] $10.00 $6.00

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A Speed Detection System for any use,
allows you to manage and position the radar anywhere on the map, you can configure a speed range and when an excess is detected it tells you the speed, license plate and vehicle model.
When you position it it inserts a Marker on the map and if you move away from the radar for more than 1km it sends you a message reminding you that you are about to lose the signal, however if you exceed 3km the radar is automatically removed.
Does Not Detect NPC Speed Violations!
It is a light and versatile clientside resource, and is purposely managed to be standalone, so you can use it for any framework you have

Speed Camera System V3


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