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Police MDT V8 [Police Data Terminal][Standalone]
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Police MDT V8 [Police Data Terminal][Standalone]



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Police MDT V8


Multiple ways to access the Terminal: We do provide 3 different and unique ways on accessing the data terminal. Tablets are carried on people as an item and you can use them to hop into the terminal, second option would be through the computers in the desired locations, and third through emergency vehicles. Individual Reports: You are able to create individual reports with/without having the suspect regarding on the situation. You are able to edit and delete the report later if you have an admin account. Citizen Files: This feature is used to create new criminal files for citizens. You can keep track ALL their records (Penalties, Mugshot, Personal Details, Fingerprint and DNA code, and extra notes.) Warrants: Warrants are very simple to be made, warrants can be issued by going to an already existing citizen file and issuing the warrant through there. You may add the whole article as well. Easy To Configure Laws/Accounts: Laws and Accounts are very easy to configure and are done through the website. You do not need to change any code, only admin accounts have access to this right. Security: PHP & SQL Injection protection has been added to the code since it is a website at the end of the day. Password encryption is also in place for every account, full source code also reveals the encryption method for you to edit/change. Fully Customizable Config: Just from the config alone you can change anything without the need of any advanced coding skills.


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