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Shops System V6 [Market][Owned Shops][Standalone]
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Shops System V6 [Market][Owned Shops][Standalone]


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Shops System V6

Script description:

  • Much more improved version of my previous establishment purchase script;
  • This script allows you to buy any store in your city (AmmuNation, Markets, etc.);
  • Each store in the city can have a different owner, so you can set up infinite buyable locations;
  • The owner of each store needs to import products to the store to keep its stock active;
  • If the store has no stock, no one will be able to buy anything there;
  • Statistics system: where you can see the complete data of your store;
  • Upgrades system: where you can buy several improvements for your store and make your profit even greater;
  • Recruit real players: you can recruit deliveryman to work for you, so they get products for you to sell at your store (these delivery people are real people who must take the job and work for you);
  • The store owner sets the salary for each job;
  • Cash flow system: where you can see everything you spent in the store and everything you received in cash;
  • The script is already integrated with a market system, where the person goes on the blip and can buy the things available in that store;
  • Extremely configurable script, all values ​​can be easily changed in a well explained configuration file;
  • Well optimized and without bugs;Frameworks
    • vRP / vRPex
    • ESX


    • MySQL


    • pt-BR
    • en-US
    • You can translate to any language you want


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7 reviews for Shops System V6 [Market][Owned Shops][Standalone]

  1. elkoteluigi (verified owner)


  2. [email protected] (verified owner)

    Thank you

  3. Dennis Norda (verified owner)

    Great drag and drop script. Easy to use and customise to your liking!

  4. Dennis Norda (verified owner)

    Super simple to setup and works perfectly with no bugs! Would like to see working indicators so wouldn’t need a separate script just for them!

  5. Mohamed Kiran (verified owner)


  6. Delano (verified owner)

    Its working on esx

  7. MrCheese

    Good shops

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