Bixbi Tracker + Police Tagging System [Blips]
Bixbi Tracker + Police Tagging System [Blips]
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Bixbi Tracker + Police Tagging System [Blips]



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The Tracker:
The ultimate purpose of the tracker is to connect groups of players together. Be it criminal, government or otherwise. Using the item the player is able to join, create or delete their group.

The Tagging:
Using the tracker tag you’re able to punish criminals in a different way than just sending them to jail. For as long as they have the tag in their inventory they will be tracked by the government (jobs defined in the config).

Group names can be reserved for jobs, for e.g. there may be a gang on your server called Lost MC. Using the config you can set this as a “reserved” gang, meaning that these gang members (based on their ESX Job) can only join one group – lostmc, and also means that people who are not part of the job are unable to join. Furthermore, using the config you can set “parent” group names. This is useful for the emergency services, for example having the Police and the Ambulance (medics) assigned to the parent “emergency”, like so:

Current Features

  • Job restriction.
  • Group Name restriction.
  • Blip colour based on job.
    • Or user selection.
  • Blip colour based on selection.
  • Item Checking – making sure you still have the item to see the groups.
  • ESX Based Interaction Menu.
  • Blip by Character Names. And have the tag reason (if player is tagged).
  • Admin Command.
  • Group: join, leave and disband.
  • Notification messages.
    • Currently supports ESX and T-Notify.

Bixbi Tracker + Police Tagging System [Blips]

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