Business System [Be a CEO]
Business System [Be a CEO]
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Business System [Be a CEO]


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Script description:

  • GTA Online style business system;
  • You can buy any company configured in the script (already has 11 configured like Maze Bank, Galaxy Nightclub, etc.);
  • You can work on your company to generate profits;
  • You must collect supplies in order to generate products and sell products to earn money;
  • Supplies are needed to make research modifications or generate money. They can be stolen from a variety of sources or a fee can be paid for supplies to be delivered directly to the company:
  1. You can steal supplies , go to the location marked on the map and blow up the charge with C4 to collect
  2. You can steal supplies , go to the marked location and steal the cargo and take it to your office garage to receive it (when you choose to steal this way, you may have NPCs trying to hinder you on your route, this option can be disabled in the configuration file)
  3. You can buy supplies , and they will arrive at your company automatically within a certain time
  • You can allocate your employees to generate products or you can allocate your employees to generate research points;
  • The products can be sold to the countryside or to the city to generate money;
  • Research points are used to make upgrades in the company;
  • Extremely configurable script, all values can be easily changed in a well explained configuration file
  • Well optimized and without bugs;Frameworks
    • vRP / vRPex
    • ESX


    • pt-BR
    • en-US
    • fr-FR


    • MySQL

Business System [Be a CEO]

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1 review for Business System [Be a CEO]

  1. gosse nicolas (verified owner)

    Thanks i just bought this and works

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