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Affordable Shop System V8 + Shop Robbery [Stores][Interactive][Bt-Target]
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Affordable Shop System V8 + Shop Robbery [Stores][Interactive][Bt-Target]



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Shop System V8 + Shop Robbery [Stores]

Hello! This Shop System V8 + Shop Robbery script allows your players to rob every single cash register and safe located in the city. As with all of my scripts, the code is fully commented and very easy to edit and change. It notifies the police as well as giving them a blip on the map, and the streetname. The cooldowns are different for safes and cash registers, as well as the payout. The script comes with a very easy to modify config file, allowing you to pay out in dirty money, require an item for hacking, remove the item if desired, and many more! This script also allows your players to interact with the following things in and around stores: All ATMS & Vending Machines will work, Vending machines play a sound and animation to dispense your food & drink. BEER! The Beer cases will allow you to purchase a beer. Donut Racks! Now you can buy donuts as well!

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