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Hunting System [Bt-Target][New Weapon]


Hunting System [Bt-Target][New Weapon]
Hunting System [Bt-Target][New Weapon] 13.75 9.17

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Hunting System

I’ve stripped out all notifications, so you can set up your own notifications with whatever script that you use. This script will disable animals from spawning naturally, so you don’t have to worry about people constantly killing deer then driving away and them respawning, etc, for all the animals. To hunt, you need Bait. It’s not added in any shops so you’ll have to manually do that yourself. When using Bait, there is a cooldown on how often you can bait (Set up in the config). Once you bait, move away from the bait and after a time you set in the config, the animal will spawn and be drawn to the bait. There is a chance that no animal will come, but if you’re lucky you’ll get one animal and then after another short time, you’ll get a second. You -need- to harvest the first animal before the second one arrives, or you’ll no longer be able to harvest the first. (This is intentional, to keep people from just piling up bodies, if you’d rather it not be in, it’s easy to change and I don’t mind doing it for you.) You can allow people to use bait ANYWHERE or restrict them to CERTAIN ZONES. I’ve already set up most mountain/forest zones for you if you choose that route, and included a debug command (/ZoneName) for you to get the zone ANYWHERE You are standing if you’d like to add any more zones. Get the name, add it into the config with the other zones. There is also a debug command to spawn an animal if you’d like to try it without bait, (/TestSpawn) I believe. I recommend you change the bait cooldown to atleast 5-10 minutes so you don’t have people just constantly spamming and farming hunting goods. In the config, you can choose to use a SINGLE Pelt, or a TIERED Pelt system, where you’ll have a low quality, normal quality, high quality, RARE Quality, and extra RARE Quality, you can choose what to sell each pelt for also in the config. When using the tiered pelt system, make sure you set up all of the pelts inside the database (In the config they’re just called pelt1 through pelt5, you can keep those names if you’d like) For now, the illegal poaching doesn’t do anything so it’s best to keep it disabled, as it needs to be balanced out otherwise you can just find all the dogs and cats and farm illegal pelts off them in the city. Need to find a way to limit that


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