Sell Car System V3
Sell Car System V3 [Contract System][Standalone]
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Sell Car System V3 [Contract System][Standalone]



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Sell Car System V3

[Explanation] This is a interactive vehicle purchase and sale system with a beautiful and user-friendly interface. [How it works] In the config file you are able to set: If you want to remove the ‘contract’ item from the player’s inventory after use; If you want to directly transfer the money from the buyer’s account to the seller’s bank account when the buyer signs the contract. Additional information: When a player uses the item, a window opens, letting him set the vehicle price and its description on the contract window; The seller needs to be near another player and a vehicle in order to start the contract sign process; The player has to own the vehicle in order to sell it; When the player has the contract window opened, its character will display a animation and when the window is closed, it will stop it; It verifies if the buyer has enough money to buy the vehicle. It includes Discord logs such as: When a player sells a vehicle to another player.


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