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Squid Game System V2 [Level 1][Standalone]
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Squid Game System V2 [Level 1][Standalone]


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Squid Game System V2


About The resource replicate the game “Red Light, Green Light” showed in TV series Squid Game. “Red Light, Green Light” is a popular children’s game, often played in different countries. How the game is played varies throughout different regions of the world. To participate you need to go on specific location and wait a countdown till the game starts. Game collects $100 fee from all participants before it starts and pay rewards to winners at the end. When the game starts no more players can join until the game finishes. Game starts and all players teleport into location. There you see a closed cube-like space with a gigang Doll far away and two guards standing nearby. Game countdown starts, players goal is to reach the end of location (Doll’s position) before countdown is over and players also are now allowed to move while Doll is watching. Features Resource is highly configurable and has next features: Location. Modeled location with attention to details such as doors, walls, guns, tree, doll and guards. Doll. Doll sign the song and rotating head smooth and synchronised between all players; NPC’s. NPC’s can be spawned in the role of players. They are shown in a showcase video. Song. Song is straight from a TV series edited with the help of Adobe Audition to provide the best quality. Detection of players movement.If the doll’s watching and you move – game over. Guns on walls. Guns automatically shooting straight into players. Guards. Standing near a doll with configured and already installed outfits from Squid Game Guard Outfit for MP Male – GTA5-Mods.com. Outfits config. In the config file we’ve provided a config of [RELEASE][PAID]Squid Game clothing Pack [OPTIMISATION] , but you can set up your own outfits as well. Countdown. When the countdown is over and you are not in the finish zone – game over. Multiplayer. Many players can join the game together. Optimized. CPU and Network Optimized. If you are not in game, the script takes less than 0.01 ms and a few requests sended over the network. Plug-and-play. Standalone, ESX and QBus versions;


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