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RolePlay Death System
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RolePlay Death System



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RolePlay Death System

⦍Features⦐ : Highly optimised script and it won’t affect your server performance. Command /morgue is only available to medics and nobody else. If someone else tries to use it, he/she will receive a notification (insufficient permissions). Players cannot escape from the graveyard. Even if someone comes and shoots you dead to try and avoid the time waiting, you will just get it doubled or tripled (so no point of trying to cheat your way out). Therefor, I decided not to use the player invincibility mode while being in the graveyard. For more realism, I haven’t fully implemented the function for removing someone from the graveyard. Once sent there, you have to wait for the timer to go to 0. Message notification from the relevant department (in my case is LAFD). *Command based: /morgue followed by the player ID and the time you decide. For example: /morgue 1 2 – where 1 is the ID and 2 is the minutes. Do not mistake it for seconds, otherwise you will seek a huge amount of time being in the there :D.


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