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Roleplay Custom Framework V2 [QB][PEPE V5][Updated+]
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Roleplay Custom Framework V2 [QB][PEPE V5][Updated+]


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Roleplay Custom Framework V2

We release, based on a genuine quality build framework called QBCore (QBus) the Pepe version.
This is an very optimized server and well equiped with the newest features! 100+ fps guaranteed.
Some features in short notice:
-> Your radial menu is your best friend, everything you do interacting-wise you will do it trough the Radialmenu or your Third Eye (G).
-> New police sirene control, with a clean ui, no more ELS.. No more dropping doors, and sirenes that f*ck up.
-> New drugs system, coke, weed and meth.
-> New housing shells, no more ghosting.
-> New bank system, with a new clean ui and function to share an account with a gang, job, or friends. Also an option to create extra bank accounts.
-> Continuesly cycling PDM vehicles. Every 40 minutes new cars are shown.
-> New cityhall, again trough your Radialmenu.
-> Doors are (un)-lockable trough your Radialmenu.
-> New commands for job-bosses, no more config editing the authorized citizen ids and all the hassle around it.
-> Police evidence is linkable to the case that you are working on.
-> New Admin menu
-> Garage system, again trough your Radialmenu.
-> New Phone with working houses and apps.
-> Low on cpu usage (Any vps or dedidcated server likes that the lower the better.)
-> New Meos system
-> Skills feature, levelling your lockpicking skills will significantly make future lockpicks easier.
-> New Spawn NUI
-> New Character Selection Menu
-> Synced Taco Job, Do the taco job with multiple players at once, work together for maximum profit!
-> Human Lab Robbery – A New Robbery Heist for your players!
-> New Jewellery Robbery
-> New phone with Twitter Photos as new feature, no need for screenshot-basic
New vehicle selling in your phone!
Services page updated.
Police Impound Menu
New Garage UI
Revamped Mechanic job
Racing App in Phone.
Taxi Job back and better then ever!
Pizza delivery job
Burgershot synced workplace
Boss Menu’s
Lumberjack, mine, and diverse other legal jobs.
New mini games!

This system is as is and will be maintained, updated and supported as long as FiveM exists.
This system is very, very easy to configure and very rich in features!

Server languages: Dutch, English.


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If you have any questions about our products or our service detail, please feel free to call us +1 (601) 509-1705 or to message us visiting our Contact page or Facebook page and you can create a ticket on Tickets Area.

3 reviews for Roleplay Custom Framework V2 [QB][PEPE V5][Updated+]

  1. Avatar for fuck


    i just bought it i can figure it easily and tested fine

  2. Avatar for Peter Ligtenberg

    Peter Ligtenberg (verified owner)

    I received it on email
    no error receives

  3. Avatar for Peter Ligtenberg

    Peter Ligtenberg (verified owner)

    i get it fine

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