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Receipt System
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Receipt System Receipt System


This resource is made to help shops show, manage and sell their products in a user friendly environment.

Boss can easily add, remove, change the price, the order and the income percentage of every item in the catalogue.
Employee can sell any item in the catalogue to any player near him.
Customers can see the catalogue of every shop.

Every shop has a unique catalogue not being affected by other shops.
Add, remove, change price, change the income percentage of company’s account of every item.
Change the view order of the items in the catalogue.
Auto complete search for adding items in the catalogue.
Every shop can have a unique image and title in the top of the catalogue.
Customer can add tips for the employee.
Automatically calculate the total price of the whole bill (including tips) and transfer the money and the items.
Players images (headshot) to choose your customer.
Boss can withdraw company’s account money at any point.

/catalogue [no arguments] (opens the catalogue near the shop)
/billboss [no arguments] (only for the boss opens the management of the catalogue)
/bill [no arguments] (opens the employee catalogue menu)
/oldbill [no arguments] (opens the pending bill)

The only real dependency in the resource is es_extended v1 (resource uses this mainly for the jobs).
Other base for jobs will not be supported.

Out of the box this resource works with ESX for items, cash money, bank money, notifications but can be easily modified to use your base, inventory, etc by changing the code (at your own risk) inside the functions in the files

Also for database connection the resource out of the box is using mysql-async but can be easily modified to use your library by changing the code (at your own risk) inside the functions in the file

Installation of Receipt System

to reflect your setup and your preferences (all options come with a description inside the config itself explaining their use).
Add ensure lls-newbill to your start.cfg file after the dependencies resources (es_extended + database library).
Add images
for items in the /client/ui/img/items/{itemName}.png (the file should be a PNG file and the name should be the same as the item name)
for shops in /client/ui/img/shops/{shopName}.png (the file should be a PNG file and the name should be the same as the job of the shop).

Important Information

This resource will not work without the ESX base (es_extended v1) or the database connection library.
This resource will come with the source code, we expect you to support our work and not leak or resell the code.
This resource is compatible with OneSync.
It is not recommended to change any file that is not inside the config folder. If you decide to do so, it will be at your own risk and no further support will be given.
No need to import / run any sql manualy, the resource will create the necessary things in database on start up for you.


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