Racing System V2


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Racing System V2
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Racing System V2

Features Race HUD at race time Scoreboards Players can win money at multiplayer tracks Race can be configured to start in a separate world instance. That means players will be teleported into a seperated world so that they do not disturb other players import of object xml files that you can build with Menyoo configure object for track over config 4 Tracks already completely configured 2 multiplayer car tracks 1 multiplayer boat track 1 single player car tracks You can configure your own tracks vehicles are configurable when you use ESX_XP you can configure XP point that the player will get after successful race when you use ESX_XP you can now give a track a needed XP level to drive the track. you can configure more then one vehicle per track. The player will get then an random vehicle mod is resource saving develop Peds for scoreboard or registration positions are configurable Blibs can be configured Marker can be configured for scoreboard or registration positions based on jQuery and Bootstrap 5 Clean code – low resource usage multiplayer scoreboards resets by starting a new race single player scoreboards will never automatically reset

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  1. Buster

    again very good thankx

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