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Pacific Bluffs Resort MLO
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Commonly known as Pacific Bluffs, this place is more of a vibe than an actual resort. The unique beach enviroment is the perfect place for everyone to have a private, fun and comfortable time! The Pacific Bluffs Beach offers five enterable bungalows connected simply by a wooden path on the beach with tiki torches lighting your way. Each bungalow has their private room, massage chairs and a garden. Along the path there are many custom furnitures to comfortably enjoy your stay, just feel free to lay on our beach beds or have a pool game with your friends on the central building while a DJ is performing. Near the central building you will also find a small boat bar that will provide every customer a nice and cold beverage, so they never need to move out of their bungalows or to go up to the main resort area. Last but not least, along the path you will be able to walk on an independent platform placed right above the water where you can find a bar, a salty water pool, an aquarium with colorful fishes and another dj booth. Pacific Bluffs has never been so awesome! Easily park your car at our 50+ parking spots in front of the building and reach us with the new tunnel entrance to the club that features an open space disco used primarily by big celebrities and DJs who need a VIP area, lighting effects, animated screens and smoke machines. To the right of the tunnel, a chatting, relaxing and/or VIP area is garnished with curated plants and plams that make you feel you’re in paradise and a double-room interior is used as a manager’s office and meeting room. Want to grab a drink? People here can ask for one at our new bar, conveniently placed in front of the dance floor! The swimming pool is made of a swimming area, a bridge for you to cross and a jacuzzi. New lights and perfectly cut grass has been placed in and around the pool, making it comfy to finally be bearfoot at your favorite place of earth.

Customizable Logos (Pacific Bluffs’s)
Custom wooden planks path w/ wood details
Custom furnitures (beds, lights, etc…)
5 custom enterable furnished bungalow MLOs
Custom “boat bar”
Custom central relax/disco area building
Realistic animated grass on “garden” spots
Custom sea platform area
Custom aquarium with actual moving animated fishes
Clean scenario setting so the beach is empty
Custom Jetski NPC path redirection
Custom water settings
Removed dirt marks and trash from the classic building
Custom Disco MLO w/ VIP area
Custom Animated TV screens in the disco (animation is fully customizable)
Totally retextured resort w/ realistic PBR materials
Custom new tunnel entrance
Luxurious and exclusive “modern design”
Clean floors, parking and building
Custom Office and Meeting room MLO
Redesigned pool bar
Redesigned pool area w/ custom lighting
Realistic animated grass around the pool
Custom VIP terrace
Redesigned plant areas

PLEASE BE AWARE: DO NOT RENAME this resource or you will crash and/or water will disappear from your server.

Use the “flat water” mod for a better ocean terrace experience.


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