Qbus Garage System V2 [Ownable Garage]


Qbus Garage System V2 [Ownable Garage]
Qbus Garage System V2 [Ownable Garage] 27.59 16.55

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What does the script bring ?

It is a system of garages. Players will be able to purchase garages to store their vehicles. They can also invite their friends inside.

What are the features ?

Buy garages (the player can see with a camera outside of the garage)
Instance system which means that players can’t see each other, there vehicles in the same garage, speak/listen unless they are invited to it.
Add/Remove/Replace vehicles to the garage
Blacklist or Whitelist vehicles (with their hash)
Multiple Shop NPCs
Enable or disable friendly fire in garage
Save and set vehicles properties
Invite friends to his garage
Logs with discord webhook
Compatible with all IPL (just add the coords to the config)

I want to customize the script, what is available to me ?

You can modify the formatting money function
You can modify the notification function to adapt to your scripts
You can modify the remove vehicle function
You can modify the way to get/set vehicle data
You can customize what happens when a player disconnect
You can customize the verification of plate ownership

Qbus Garage System V2


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