QBCore Roleplay Server V13 [NoPixel-Inspired]


Qbus Roleplay Server V13 [NoPixel-Inspired]
QBCore Roleplay Server V13 [NoPixel-Inspired] 226.06 188.38

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Video : Sorry

This Server So Ultimate And Amazing , Maybe Video Not Release because There is so many leaker

-Art Heist
-Cyber Bar Robbery
-Store, Jewelry & Bank Heists
-Casino Games
-In-Game Voice System
-Custom Interaction Sounds
-New Drug System
-Custom Cars
-NoPixel Eye/Target Implemented
-Interactable NPCs
-Improved UI System
-Compatible with OneSync Infinity & Legacy
-New Police MDT & Alerts
-Bug Free & Optimized Codes
-Premium Scripts
-New Realestate Houses
-Meth Runs for Gangs
-Coke Runs for Gangs
-NoPixel 3.0 Paintball + arena
-NoPixel 3.0 Bowling
-NoPixel 3.0 Hunting
-Premium EUP pack

Qbus Roleplay Server V13


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