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Police MDT System V5 [Mobile Data Terminal]
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Police MDT System V5 [Mobile Data Terminal]



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Police MDT V5


  • Creating a realistic file that includes details such as photos, plots, criminals and involved officers.
  • Inspecting the details in the file (Authorized officers can delete any file).
  • Creating a search warrant.
  • Inspecting the details in search warrant.
  • Searchbar to search any person.
  • See the details of searched persons such as his record, owned vehicles, bank account etc.
  • Upload profile photos for each person.
  • Adding announcement in tablet will also shared in discord.
  • You can add translations to any language.
  • Searching license plate in database.


  • Added File Search Option in mainpage.
  • Added Search License Plate option in main page.
  • Added Discord webhooks, triggers when a file/warrant/announcement created.
  • Max. number of files in files section is now editable in config.js.

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