Mumble + Pma Radio Script
Radio System V1 [Mumble][Pma Voice]
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Radio System V1 [Mumble][Pma Voice]



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Mumble + Pma Radio Script

General Features: Connect to up to 19,800 different channels, or frequencies. You can set your channel to 1 through 200 which includes decimal values such as 12.34. This is what allows you to connect to so many different channels. Ability to change the volume of your radio in increments of 10 from 0 to 100. Ability to turn your radio off. Players must have a radio in their inventory. UI Features: Click sound when pressing any interactive button on the UI. The switch to toggle the radio on or off moves when pressed. Tooltips appear when hovering your mouse over an interactive button on the UI. Text indicator to tell you when your radio is off. Volume indicator with 10 different positions. If the radios volume is set to 0 the volume 10 indicator will light up red instead of green to signify that your radio is muted. Config Options: Job Channels – Ability to set minimum and maximum channels for any job in your server. For example, if you wanted to restrict channels 1 through 2 for police only, you would add {“police”, min=1, max=2}, to the config. The min value does not have to start at one, it can be any number from 1 to 200. Default Open Key – Ability to set the default key to open your radio. This can be changed per user in keybind settings under the FiveM category.

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