BlackMarket System V3 [Advanced]


BlackMarket System V3 [Advanced]
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BlackMarket System V3 BlackMarket System V3

1. Ability to disable spawning the dog. 2. Ability to disable dog attack when you fail paying. 3. You can buy up to 3 same item at same click and the resource automatic calculate the price.. (Max amount will be editable in the near future). 4. You can either add as much as X Y Z you want to make the random spawn for the black market, or choose to spawn at fixed place in the Config. 5. When you Open/Close the menu, the bot say Hi/Byee, and ofc, it’s Synced. (Well, it’s synced to talk, not you all hear the same sentence). 6. When you get in the vehicle the dog back to it’s place. 7. Ability to change the bot and the dog name from the Config. 8. While Random spawning on, there will be a blip on the map with radius so you can go to the area and search for him (it’s not centered on the bot), and Synced with all! 9. Ability to change both dog and ped name. 10. You can translate the resource with the language you want. (Every language that GTA accept their characters, e.g. Arabic not supported). 11. If the dog died, the server automatic spawn a new dog… (Maybe Bugged, Need more work). 12. Support both Weight and Limit system of ESX. 13. Ability to Disable/Enable the blip, Or Choose either Fixed blip, or Circle random blip*, Change the Fixed blip color and icon. 14. It support selling Items and Weapons! * It random the blip around the bot so you search in the circle to find it.


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