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Mechanic + Tow Job System [Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired]
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Mechanic + Tow Job System [Bt-Target][NoPixel-Inspired]



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Mechanic + Tow Job System

* Repair/Patch Kits – Both of these have been improved upon over the normal mech repair, adding an animation, timer, requirement to be at the front of the car, as well as visual improvements like the hood automatically opening, a toolbox prop being spawned when working on the car. — Repair kits will fully heal the engine health of a carPatch Kits will heal only a certain amount of engine health (150 in the script, can be changed in client.lua) Neither of which will repair the body damage, making using Bennys/Los Santos Customs more valuable. * A menu triggered via NPC Interaction, includes renting a tow truck, starting a tow job, and accessing the boss menu (only the boss can access the boss menu, obviously). This uses the standard esx_society boss menu, for ease of use since a lot of people are accustomed to it. * A Tow Job! esx_mechanicjob has one as well but is pretty buggy, and I’m not sure if its OneSync compatible, however this one is. It incorporates bt-target & PolyZone to create EntityZones on your tow truck & car to access them via the Alt-Menu (or third eye as people like to call it) * The Job has 21* locations set up by default, including a wide variety of cars that may be spawned to tow, and is VERY EASY to edit in the config to add new locations, or vehicles. * The ability to tow players cars, via a /tow command and then taking them to the impound lot to poof them. * A very easy to edit config file, fully commented code, and a big smile. * THERE IS NO F6 Menu, instead Mechanics will repair using the actual items (fixkit and fixtool, are their respective names in the database). BUT! When Mechanics use them, THEY WILL NOT BE REMOVED. Only when NON-Mechanics use them. * Allowing Mechanics the ability to craft Repair/Patch kits via the Alt-Menu inside the mech shop. Requires any materials you’d like it to, can edit the item and amount via the Config. * ONLY Mechanics can access the Mechanic-NPC inside the shop, and the crafting menu. When no one is around the ped, he will despawn and only respawn when someone is within distance, to help keep ped count low so no pool crashes


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