House System V3
House System V3
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House System V3


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• Furnish your house. Go to IKEA to buy furniture
• Add how much furniture you want in the config.
• Sell houses, configure how many % you should get back.
• Fully functional for OneSync.
• Fully synchronised between players.
• 6 different house models, everything from a trailer to a mansion!
• 300+ buyable houses all around the map!
• Language is fully done via the config, meaning you can easily translate it!
• Enable / disable 3D text
• Enable / disable garage (requires my garage)

House System V3

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4 reviews for House System V3

  1. solid2525

    Hi. Is that script working on an ESX based server?

    • FiveM-Store.Com

      Dear, yes its works on ESX

  2. Fabricio

    I bought this and garage script, all works fine thanks

  3. Royal

    This is with inventory thanks, regards

  4. kenny celis (verified owner)


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