High Table Job System [Inspired John Wick Movie]


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High Table Job System [Inspired John Wick Movie]
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High Table Job

New Currency Called High-Coin As an item For Players, They can receive this Currency by doing missions or Buy it by money from trade shop there is 2 grade : Trader : can sell-buy coin from the trade shop or Buy Guns Or items with High-Coin in the trade shop | Assassin : He Can do Missions to receive high coin. Missions : there is 4 type of mission, 1. Vehicle Delivery 2. Destroy a Vehicle 3. Package Delivery 4. Assassinate a Target. you can Add As many Missions as you want in config file, all locations and rewards are customizable in config file All missions will have blip Associated to them to show the location of the object to the player and you can enable/disable route for them. You can customize all of the blips in the config file.( i did not use any sort of draw texts or markers to reduce any form of useless CPU usages. ) You Can edit almost everything in the config file as you desire and need. Players can access their current missions in the Mission table. they can refuse or accept a mission as they want, you can add a delay between each mission that they get to prevent them from spamming missions.

High Table Job System [Inspired John Wick Movie]


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