Hacker Job V2 [Hacking Banks][Security Cams][Phones][Radio]


Hacker Job V2 [Hacking Banks][Security Cams][Phones][Radio]
Hacker Job V2 [Hacking Banks][Security Cams][Phones][Radio] 22.99 18.39

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Hacker Job V2

New Heist: Hacking Bank System : Hackers Can Start Hacking Bank system if they are near a Hack location. You can add as many hack locations as you want. When a player is near the Locations he can start the hacking. Once he starts the hack Police will get notified and Blip of all Possible hack locations (all hack points that hacker could be hacking from ) will be added for police. You can Modify Everything in Config File. Tracking Other Players : If Hacker is near the Main Radar System (Default is one of the Big Satellite dishes near the Prison) he can start hacking it, if he fail the hack Police will get notify. if he successfully hack the Radar a text box would show up and he would be able to enter someone’s server id. if the target (entered server id) has the required item in his inventory (Phone or simcart. can be changed in config file) the location of the target will be hacker’s waypoint. Hacking Security Cameras: if hacker is near a Security Camera Station he can start hacking it. if he fails the hack police will get notified like the tracking phone fail hack. if he successfully hack the station he would have access to all of the station Camera. For example if hacker hacks the Police station Security camera Hack Radio Station : Player can hack a Specific Private Radio Frequency to get access to it for a desired time.

Features of Hacker Job V2: 1. New Heist : Hacker can Go To Possible Bank System Networks and Hack them. After the Hacking hacker Will Get a Reward ( Locations/Reward/Minimum Police Can be Changed in Config File ) 2. Track Phone : Hacker Can Track Player’s if He is near the Main Radar System ( Location Can Be Changed in Config File ). Players Cannot be Tracked if they do not have phone in their inventory (Can be Changed in Config File) 3. Security Cameras : Hacker Can Hack an Station Security Cameras and Get Access to All of the Cameras Assigned to that Station. ( For Example if hacker Hacks the LSPD Cameras He Will have access to every Camera ) You Can Add/Remove Station In Config File. Each Station Can Have Unlimited Cameras and You Can Define Unlimited Stations if you want! 4.Hackings Are Done With Mhacking Script so it’s not just a simple Progress bar! if They Fail in hacking Security Cameras or Main Radar System Police will get notified. 6. Almost 90% of Everything For Hackers are Editable in Config file. You Can Edit Everything to your needing and desire.


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